Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation - Presentation Monday, September 13


Join uss for an information and enlighting presetion - Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation  on Monday, September 13 at The Bond, 1786, 3 Hudson Street.  Presented by Steven Engelhart, Founding Director of AARCH (Adirondack Architectural Heritage), learn the benefits of historic preservation - the funding sources and financial incentive programs available, the advantages of adaptive reuse, and the direct correlation with economic development.

The Hamlet of Warrensburgh Historic District was placed on the State and National Register of Historic Places in 2001, the largest district of its kind from Saratoga to the Canadian Border.  This designation does not prevent property owners from doing whatever they wish with their property, however if government funding or permitting is involved, it can provide a level of protection.  It also qualifies business and home owners for tax credits on rehabilitation projects, and grants for non-profits and municipalities. 

The Warrensburgh Historical Society (WHS) and Warrensburgh Beautification Inc. (WBI), in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Committee are sponsoring this event. Using illustrations from all over the Eastern Seaboard and the Adirondack Region including Warrensburgh, it explores the many reasons that individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and governments are increasingly involved in promoting historic preservation.  Preserving architecture adds beauty to our lives, connects us to our past, fosters community and national identity, contributes to community revitalization, helps to conserve energy, and is part of how we manage change and growth.

Prior to the presentation The Bond will be offering a Special Dinner Menu selected for the event at 5:30 p.m.. The choices include: Chicken Parmesan with pasta; Haddock with breadcrumb topping finished with a wine butter sauce and English Style Pot Roast with carrots and mushrooms in a Guinness gravy, both served with potatoes; and a Vegetarian Pasta Dish.  Warm Bread Pudding with be offered for dessert.  The price per person including tax and gratuity is $35.00.  Cash Bar at 5 p.m.   Please call 518-855-1786 to make a reservation and state the event, no. of guests, dinner selections and phone no. for confirmation by September 9th.

At 7 p.m., the first ever Historic Preservation Award will be given by WBI and WHS to an historic property owner who has made a significant effort to restore and maintain the property while preserving its architectural heritage.  This award will be given to one property each year to honor the memory and legacy of Florence Carrington, the owner of the first individually listed property on the National Register of Historic Places in Warrensburgh, the former Merrill Magee House, in 1985. Florence was not only a wife, mother and business woman, but also President of the Chamber of Commerce and the Founding Chairperson of Warrensburgh Beautification Inc.  The owners of the Cornerstone Victorian Bed & Breakfast, Doug and Louise Goettsche, have been chosen to receive this award for efforts over the past two decades to not only preserve and maintain an architectural gem, but to also operate a successful business that has received many regional and national awards.

For further information call or email Sandi Parisi at 518-932-7935/

or Teresa Whalen at 518-466-5497/


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